Custodian of Culture?

Raj Thackeray, as we all know is upset about the current situation of Marathi language in Maharashtra. He wants all the people living in Mumbai to speak in Marathi. Nothing much wrong with this attitude. But before preaching others, I think Raj should himself speak in a decent version of Marathi. This video that I came across on Youtube tells a lot about his not so very good oration in his mother tongue. For those who do not understand Marathi, this is what he said in that video :  I am ignoring the incidents of past but from now onwards I will break the hands and feet of anyone who touches my party workers and that because I am “being calm” doesn’t mean that I am son of an a***hole.

     Again, I would say that if Raj is seriously worried about Marathi language, he should start speaking in a decent version of that language which I believe should not be difficult for him.