Veggies Only Please…

Mumbai is a cosmopolitian city. People of different regions, race, religion live here and this is what truly makes it the melting pot of India. However since the last few years, formation of vegetarian housing societies has increased. These Housing Societies are exclusively for vegetarians and meat eaters are strictly not allowed.

The Veggies claim that they are sensitive to the mere sight of meat and bones. And it is not just the sight but also the smell which is unbearable for them and this has forced them to exclude meat eaters.

The meat eaters are obiviously not amused and want an end to this system of Veggie Housing Societies as this reduces the number of options to them when they go house hunting.

The veggies claim that since they have the constitutional right to do so, there is nothing wrong with such exclusive housing societies.

I believe that Veggies have a valid point. If they are so sensitive towards animals then they do have a right to live with like minded people and avoid the sight and smell of meat.

 What do you think ?

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