Narendra Modi and Rajiv Gandhi

The last few days have seen a lot of prominent voices in support of Narendra Modi as future Prime Minister of India. Since NDA has declared LK Advani as its Prime Minestrial candidate, these voices are not relevant at least in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election. However, the onslaught of secularists against supporters of Narendra Modi exposes their hypocrisy. One could have understood their discomfort with the Chief Minister of Gujarat if they have had similar opinion about Rajiv Gandhi who was ruler of India during the 1984 Sikh riots, the worst ever riots after partition.

In fact the 1984 violence was so one sided that it was not a riot but a pogrom unleashed on the Sikh community by workers of the ruling Congress party to avenge the assassination of their leader Indira Gandhi who was killed by two Sikh terrorists. Very little is known about the extent of 1984 killings as there was no internet and no 24/7 news channels in those days.  Khushwant Singh, then the editor of The Illustrated Weekly Of India and a Gandhi family loyalist had called up President Gyani Zail Singh, a Sikh, for protection during the riots. The President, who also happened to be commander-in-chief  of our armed forces advised Khushwant Singh to take shelter in a Hindu house. Neither the Police nor any Government Department but a good Hindu friend was the suggestion by the then President to a fellow Sikh who had called up for help. We may be baffled at this helplessness of the President but he knew what he was talking for it was not a Hindu – Sikh riot and hence the advice to Khushwant Singh to take shelter at any Hindu’s house. The President also knew that the pogrom was being carried out under the watchful eyes of Delhi Police and hence did not advice Khushwant Singh to take the help of Police. In fact the day after Indira’s assassination, when the pogrom had just begun, a peace march by some residents of Lajpat Nagar, a Delhi locality was stopped as participants did not have official permission!! In many places Police took away kirpans from Sikhs and made the job of Congress workers much more easier.

For three days, killings continued unabated in the capital and around 3000 Sikhs were killed. But the national television did not show any footage of the riot (Doordarshan was the only Television Channel in those days).  All that the state run TV channel showed was the dead body of Indira Gandhi and her mourners. It was as if the city of 9 million people was in the somber mood of mourning. The world was totally unaware of the happenings in the capital of India. People did listen to some Congress workers shouting Khoon Ka Badla Khoon Se Lenge (We will avenge blood with blood) well within the earshot of new Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi but were unaware of the extent of the bloodshed as it was totally blacked out by the only Television Channel in the country.

The official toll by the Government immediately after the riots put the death toll at 425. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was then the president of BJP contested the official death toll and asked his colleagues to collate figures. BJP’s total added up to 2800. The Congress quickly branded BJP as an anti-national party. Later the Ahuja Committee, appointed by the Government to compute the number of deaths, put the death toll as 2,733 in Delhi. Rajiv Gandhi and his Government never apologised or regretted for the bloodshed. Instead he defended the pogrom by saying, “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes.” Editors of national dailies rationalised the killings. Girilal Jain, editor of The Times Of India explained that the Hindu cup of patience had become full to the brim. N.C. Menon, editor of The Hindustan Times wrote of how Sikhs had clawed their way to prosperity and it was about time. When Khushwant Singh returned his Padma Bhushan award, Vinod Mehta, current editor of Outlook magazine and a shining jewel of the secular pack , wrote that when it came to choosing between a Sikh and an Indian, Khushwant Sikh chose to be a Sikh!!

During the Lok Sabha elections of 1984, Congress ran a hate filled campaign which included advertisements and posters that had a picture of a Sikh Taxi driver with the caption Kya Aap Ek Sikh Taxi Driver pe Bharosa kar sakte hain ? (Can You trust a Sikh Taxi Driver?). In Amethi, where Maneka Gandhi was contesting against her brother in law Rajiv Gandhi, slogans like Beti hai Sardar ki, Qaum hai Gaddar ki (She is the daughter of a Sikh, a community of traitors) worked and so did the hate filled posters in the rest of the country. Congress got 401 seats in the Lok Sabha; a feat which not even Indira Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru had achieved. Of course for a congress sympathetic mainstream media, this victory was result of a sympathy wave.

Congress leaders like Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, HKL Bhagat who actively took part in the killings continued getting Lok Sabha tickets in successive elections. Jagdish Tytler was even made a minister in the UPA government. PV Narasimha Rao who was the Home Minister during the pogrom, was severely censured for his connivance with the killers, by Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, hero of 1971 war, in his affidavit to Nanavati Commission . Not only did Rajiv Gandhi made him a cabinet minister again after the 1984 elections but he was also made the Prime Minister after the death of Rajiv Gandhi. Even today mainstream media criticises P V Narasimha Rao more for the demolition of a mosque in Ayodhya, in which non one was killed than for the 1984 massacre of thousands.

Now compare this with the Gujarat riots of 2002. According to UPA Government 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in the riots. Now if it was a state sponsored riots against Muslims how come 254 Hindus lost their lives ? Gujarat is the only state where many rioters have been convicted by courts whereas the first conviction in anti Sikh pogrom happened in 1997. Even during the riots a lot of rioters (both Hindus and Muslims) were killed due to police firing. The state has progressed a lot since the 2002 riots and hence Modi’s popularity has soared not just in Gujarat but in the entire country despite the fact that he is still held responsible for the riots unlike Rajiv Gandhi who was darling of the same section of the media. This double standard is unfathomable.

People who hold Modi morally responsible for the riots would be probably justified in doing so if they apply the same yardstick to Rajiv Gandhi and Congress regime of 1984. When they dont do that, they expose the hollowness in their secularism.


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  1. If ‘secularists’ are hypocrites to stay silent on Anti Sikh riots then ‘communalists’ or BJP supporters are worse than that. They speak against Anti Sikh riots but justify anti-Muslim pogrom.

    Rajiv Gandhi was not ‘ruler’ of India in 1984, Was he CM of Delhi, PM of India? In addition; he did not engage in active support of rioters; nor did he patronize them (His one comment “When big tree falls…” is much milder in front of retrogressive demagogues of Modi and Thackerey). In fact asking justice for Muslim victims for them is anti-National, problem for peace, support to ISI etc.

    In short, it is necessary for Modi supporters to find someone like him (accused of communal massmurder) to assert “We are not alone”. But that entire is irrelevant to the grievance that Modi is for Hindus and is a Hindu leader. He is fascist raised in Sangh.

    Gujarat is the only state where rioters are convicted? Why is Supreme Court saying they don’t trust state government and are arranging even SIT now? Gujarat is a fascist state,

  2. What happened in 2002, was not because of Godhra train burning. It is because of constant, continual hate teaching to people by Sangh Parivaar especially against Muslims.

    Rajiv Gandhi did not engage in divisive rhetoric, he did not say “All Sikhs are not terrorists but all terrorists are Sikhs”, Congress/Rajiv Gandhi did not/need not win on vilification campaign of minority community like BJP that engage in constant Muslim bashing and spreading fear among Hindus for Muslims.

    What Narendra Modi do? He goes to Hindus and convinces them that Hindus are at receiving end and Muslims are given preferential treatment at the cost of Hindu. Then he provoke Hindus to make them attack Muslims and engage in looting and arson. Except BJP/RSS, no other party has history of mass violence to the scale it commits everywhere.

    Congress is also a Hindu party, it is a Soft Hindutva upper caste party

    • Please open your eyes man. To make the masses of India remain backward is the motto of congress,
      You deserve the same nehru-Indira-Rajiv- etc. etc.. It is good that somebody disposed of these PMs, who always thought of retaining the country in dark by denyig information and provising wrong information and monopolising the media.
      Today they do not have choice because of information overload. which cannot be contolled.
      Forget your so called secularism.
      To hell with congress and its so called rulers.

  3. @ P

    Rajiv was PM of the country when Sikhs were mercilessly killed on the streets of Delhi. Delhi was a full fledged union terrirtory and so law and order was responsibility of Central Government. One can argue that Rajiv was in a state of shock after her mother’s death and so could not do much to stop the pogrom.

    But what about the election campaign that followed ?

    How can one justify the hate filled posters and slogans (mentioned in the article above) in the elections that followed ?

    How can one justify the fact that the first conviction took place in 1997 whereas in Gujarat numerous rioters have been convicted?

    As far as comment of Supreme Court is concerned, that is an opinion of a Judge. Tomorrow if some Judge says that Narendra Modi is the best CM would we all just blindly folow that?

    India has seen many riots since independence. In no other state as many rioters have been punished as in Gujarat and in such a short time.

    There is no incident which shows that Narendra Modi provoked people for riots. At worst, he has been accused of turning a nelson’s eye when riots happened.

    We should keep facts in mind when we eulogise or demonise someone.

    The motive of the article is not to justify any riot. No riot can be justified. I wish to expose double standards of a large section of media.

  4. If opinion of Supreme Court judge doesn’t matter then what matters? Political propaganda in favor of Narendra Modi by bloggers? :D:D:D:D:D:D

    There was no such anti Sikh propaganda and poisoning of minds against Sikhs by anybody in 1980s; like what was done by Modi and his party for gaining Hindu votes in 2002. Sikhism and Sikhs was not vilified.

    Supporters of Modi or BJP are worse than media section who rightfully condemn Modi; because unlike any other national party workers; BJP workers, supporters and even BJP members condone the killings of Muslims.

    Why don’t you name how many convictions happened INSIDE Gujarat? Probably Gujarat is only state; from where cases were moved out of state to other states and Supreme Court (not any SINGLE judge but many) have spoken against state complicity and Supreme Court assigned Special Investigation Team while cases are already in progress, and two commissions are/were engaged in investigating state inaction.

    Justice is victim in Gujarat! And unless Narendra Modi is made to retire from public appearance there is no justice, whats use of punishing ‘pawns’ of big fishes while the real promoters of violence remain at large.

  5. If opinion of Supreme Court judge doesn’t matter then what matters? Political propaganda in favor of Narendra Modi by bloggers? :D:D:D:D:D:D

    There was no such anti Sikh propaganda and poisoning of minds against Sikhs by anybody in 1980s; like what was done by Modi and his party for gaining Hindu votes in 2002. Sikhism and Sikhs was not vilified.

    Supporters of Modi or BJP are worse than media section who rightfully condemn Modi; because unlike any other national party workers; BJP workers, supporters and even BJP members condone the killings of Muslims.

    Why don’t you name how many convictions happened INSIDE Gujarat? Probably Gujarat is only state; from where cases were moved out of state to other states and Supreme Court (not any SINGLE judge but many) have spoken against state complicity and Supreme Court assigned Special Investigation Team while cases are already in progress, and two commissions are/were engaged in investigating state inaction.

    Justice is victim in Gujarat! And unless Narendra Modi is made to retire from public appearance there is no justice, whats use of punishing ‘pawns’ of big fishes while the real promoters of violence remain at large…

    I would also like to add, the content of blog is more of ‘saving skin’ of Modi (for his government’s complicity in state sponsored pogrom that demanding justice for sikhs or exposing ‘double standard’ of media.

    How many speak against Babari Mosque demolition and aftermath, role of BJP in it? 2002 is recent event; therefore gets more attention

  6. First of all I am still trying to figure out that what is the purpose of the above article. Do you really wish to expose the double standards of mass media? Or it is BJP vs Congress? Or you are trying to compare a BJP leader and a Congress leader with each other in the context of ‘RIOTS’ just to prove that Narendra Modi is better off but has been discriminated by media?

    Sikh riots in 1984 and Gujrat riots in 2002, I find both of them as a pogrom. The only difference is the time of occurrence of these events. You mentioned that very little is known about 1984 killings as there was no internet and 24*7 news channels. Even I agree and additionally having just limited source of news would have made it much easier for Congress to influence the media. As a result there wouldn’t have been any ‘media pressure’ what we see today playing an important role to keep these people accountable for their action for some extent. Apart from poor governance of Congress this could be the major reason that the first conviction for ‘1984 Sikh riot’ happened after 13 years in 1997.

    Rajiv Gandhi’s statement was as provocative and the involvement of Congress workers who became ministers was as despicable. However I fail to see how that makes Narendra Modi any better on moral grounds. You would argue that there is no incident as such to show that Modi provoked people for riots but sometimes we need to re-arrange available information from a pool of jumbled data to get the facts. And people who keep a track of incidences and link it all together picture becomes clearer for them.

    Talking about Babri mosque demolition, how could you claim that no one was killed? Are we forgetting what happened aftermath of demolition? More than 2000 people were killed in the riots following the demolition. 900 alone killed in Mumbai riots (many people claim that reason for Mumbai riot is different but I believe that ignition was ‘mosque demolition’). And as I said earlier when you link all the incidences together whether it is “Rath Yatra” by L K Advani, “kaar sewa” by VHP or provocative speeches by the leaders of BJP, VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal any one can figure out that who all were responsible for demolition and it deserves to be criticized irrespective of any political leader or party.

    You have repeated VK Malhotra’s comment, BJP’s spokes person then to defend Modi that “how come 254 hindus lost their lives if it was a state sponsored riot against muslims?” Can you re-evaluate your argument? I can put it other way that 254 includes the number of people burnt in the Godhra train i.e. 58 so that means 200 hindus were killed during riots and police firing. Have you ever thought that why muslim death toll was 4 times i.e 790??(according to unofficial data, total death toll in Gujrat riots was around 2000 in which major proportion was of muslims)

    The point here I am trying to make that incidences like 1984 Sikh riot, 1992 mosque demolition following riots all over the country and 2002 Gujrat riots all are undesirable and need to be criticized irrespective of any political leader involved and Narendra Modi or Rajive Gandhi shouldn’t be an exception. Both are criminals on moral grounds. Just because Modi has done outstanding developmental work since then he can’t get away with his deeds.

    Instead of raising your voice about discrimination against Modi in mass media, raise the issue of discrimination against all those innocent people who suffer from these riots irrespective of religion.

  7. @P
    Agree that there was no anti-sikh propaganda but 1984 riots could have been controlled saving thousands of innocent lives. Rajiv Gandhi failed, it was his emotional failure which lead to poor control/governance and finally a “genocide”

  8. @P
    This is a clarification to the above statement i made….my apologies…
    while mentioning that “there was no anti-sikh propaganda” i meant to say that Congress was never an anti-sikh party and they never demonstrated their hatred against sikh community prior to Indira Gandhi’s assassination. But 1984 anti-sikh riot was an organized massacre by Congress party worker. And for Rajiv Gandhi it was not just emotional failure but also operation failure later on when congress started hateful campaign against sikh community.

  9. Hi,
    Any one who had witnessed the anti Sikh ‘Pogrom’ like I did, know for fact that those were ‘organized and controlled’ by the Congress goons. Rajiv was PM, PV Narsimaha Rao Home Minister and Gayani Zail Singh The President.

    For the benefit of both P and Passi have a look at this post and sure you will have some more clarity on both 1984 and 2002 read here

    Now no two wrongs make one right agree, so it is not to suggest that 1984 was worst than 2002 or vice versa, point is: How it has been played up. As after Gujarat ‘Riots’ a certain industry grew up exploiting these ‘Riots’ and many have secured financial benefits one has secured Padam Shri too and many have written books, made movies and certain MSM Greats secured Padam Shris and Bhushans. No Prob still, if only they recount the horrors of 1984 ‘POGROM’ in the same breath.

    Here is where the problem is. This very same MSM and gang of Secularists sought to brush the Godhara carnage under the carpet or worst tried to shift the blame to the poor and hapless victims by spreading canard about ‘insiders job’ theory!

    One more thing people miss out when these MSM and Secularists shout from roof top that army was called after 3 days!!!! My My My, how many of you noticed and challanged this lie? They claim riots were satrted on 28th and army was called in on 1st, ISN”T IT?

    MSM glee full nods in agreement! Well not telling lies but did u ask these buggers 28th of which month? 28th of Feb, and 2002 was not leap year either. This is just a small example of how these champions of secularism play their secular games, and for what?

    Saw recently Rajdeep doing dirty tricks for Madame Sonia or not?


    feel free to join issue on any point.

  10. @ P

    If an opinion of a judge is Gospel truth for you then I guess you would also agree with the judge here :

    There is a big difference between an opinion or an observation and a judgement.

    You are conviniently ignoring the hate filled campaign of Congress Party. Even Maneka Gandhi was not spared for being a daughter of Sikh.

    The first conviction in Gujarat riots happened in less than two years.

    If you still talk about justice being denied in Gujarat please also give examples from other states where rioters have been brought to justice and compare the situation between other states and Gujarat.

    You also want to know why no one wants to talk about Babri demolition. I am surprised at this question. Because I see more mdia coverage on Babri and related issues but almost negligible coverage on Sikh riots.

    @ Arvind

    The article is about double standards practised by a big section of media. And in the course of analysis, one can conclude that Modi is indeed better than Rajiv as far as conduct during and after riots is concerned.

    You also blame Babri demolition for riots in 1992-93 but conviniently ignore Godhra carnage. It seems what is sauce for Congress is poison for BJP :-).

    Muslim victims in Gujarat were four times of HIndu victims. But this has been the case in almost every Hindu Muslim riot in the country. This happens because Hindus are a majority.

    Just name one major Hindu Muslim riot where equal no. of Hindus and Muslims were killed. Forget about more Hindus being killed.

    But there is only one “riot” in the country where all the victims were from one community. That was the 1984 Sikh “riot” and that is the reason my friend, it is way different from Gujarat riots and all other riots.

    I feel pain for all riot victims but sadly our mainstream media does not. If it would have been unbiased and treated Narendra Modi and Rajiv Gandhi equally, then there was no need for this article.

  11. @India Unbound
    Please give us an example where Cases have been moved out of State for fear of injustice under government?

    And yes,I respect opinion of that High Court judge. He is a Hindu and he has spoken as a Hindu (not as a Hindutva Hindu extremist). But that comment can not be compared with criticism on Modi, the hand of Modi in the Gujarat carnage is completely irreligious and deliberately attempts are done by BJP specifically to give it a “religious color” (Vote bank Politics?)

    No body is denying injustice to Sikhs. All non Hindu minorities have suffered in Hindu majority India, be it Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. And for most Muslims (and Lower Castes or Dalits) regard both BJP as well as Congress as “Upper Caste” Hindu parties.(You may disagree but that is general sentiment, you can also read Ambedkar’s writings on Congress leadership as well)

    Main point of Anti Sikh riots come to minds of BJP supporters and Modi lovers, whenever Gujarat holocaust is reminded to them. Otherwise they stay mum over the issue. Why can’t they speak against 1984 riots otherwise and start crying over that carnage whenever 2002 is reminded? In fact this attitude itself exposes their(BJPians/’Mod’ians) hypocrisy. There is nothing of “exposing hypocrisy” or double standards of pseudo secularists. Its matter of convenience to use Sikh grievances for claiming moral high-ground over Congress or to assert “We are not alone whose hands are stained with blood”. Its just that they(Modi lovers/BJP supporters) feel their sick behavior goes unnoticed when they struggle to find some defense of “letting them what they wish to” against Muslims using Congress as a pretext

  12. I am surprised you find coverage of Babari Mosque demolition.

    May be because Kalyaan Singh quit BJP recently and joined Mulayam’s party 😀 Or may be BJP failed to find any subtle issue for getting votes and turned again to “Ram” (Rajnaath’s speech?)

    There is another angle to it, People who carried out demolition or promoted demolition of Mosque or created environment for it’s demolition e.g. Advaani, Vajpayee, Uma Bharati, Kalyaan Singh etc, and not only that demolition, several other communal provocations come from BJP and also BJP continue to or attempt to harvest benefits of demolition of Mosque by resorting to communal divisive and hateful rhetoric even today 😀

    Sikhs have not been continually vilified like Muslims; however controversially some Hindutva Hindus(BJP/Modi supporters) try to call Sikhs as Hindus to which certain section of Sikh clergy/society finds an attack on their peculiar identity

  13. Another peculiarity about Anti Sikh progrom and “sympathy” of BJP with victims…While BJP/BJP supporters or the ilks of involved; continuously try to project 2002 Gujarat carnage as Hindu vs Muslim while they refuse to ‘admit’ 1984 be Hindu vs Sikh 😀 Many Sikhs think otherwise though

    That is another particular trait can be observed in these people. Why can’t it be simply seen as “State of India(Secular Socialist Democratic Republic of India) vs Hooligans/Vigilantist/anti Social elements(Extremist/Fanatic rioters coming out of factories of hatred)”

  14. In fact rioters criminals getting punished in Gujarat is mainly due to NGOs, Supreme Court and other people who are struggling against fascist tendencies rising in that state..This is hopeful sign; but not enough.

    As long as Modi lives respectable life as public figure and allowed to propagate hatred, it’s near useless. A man who ran away from Television Show of Karan Thapar; is supposedly considered most courageous and daring person :D:D

    UPA led by Congress should bring law against communalism and fascism, but then it may have to take action on Gujarat Congress as it has degenerated to more or less same as Gujarat BJP.

  15. A very well researched article must say !

    Personally, have never read so many details on the Sikh carnage…

    About the media – If only people understood the larger scheme of things…Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about Kashmiri Pandits?

    Why does the media NEVER cover their trials, having to live like refugees in their own country? Killed and being forced to flee their land?

    Why do they keep bringing up the Babri/Godhra cases again and again???

    Most of these buggers belong to the elite “think tank”…who probably work from air conditioned offices and do NOT see the ground realities…

    I am personally involved with NGOs (predominantly run by BJP activists) in and near Matunga….we teach and feed slum kids of Sion Koliwada…and 99% of these kids come from Muslim families…Now will the media ever highlight this? No ! For them BJP was, is and shall alw be a monster…

    Also, 1 important Q I would put to every Muslim – Do they really think that Congress bothers about them?

    Just what has Congress done for them apart from dividing them and the nation on the basis of religion? Do they feel their literacy/std of living rates have bettered? I doubt…

    It would help the nation If all of us sat and thought, thought hard about what the Congress has been saying and doing…Its pure hog wash…

    With it, the media too.

  16. @Mukta

    :D:D Why don’t BJP do something for Muslims of Gujarat ?

    I dont know if Congress bother about Muslims or not; but BJP is much bothered with Muslims and wishes to ‘teach lesson’ 😀

    Swami Dharmendra (VHP leader) has said it many times in BJP prachaar sabhaas

  17. @ P

    You have raised four points in your reply.

    1) Issue of Sikh pogrom is raised only to embarass Congress by BJP supporters to counter Gujarat riots.

    2) All non Hindu minorities have suffered in Hindu dominated India.

    3) BJP is an upper caste party.

    4) Conviction in Gujarat riots cases were only due to NGOs, SC and non state people.

    As far as “using Sikh pogrom to counter Gujarat riots” is considered, the initial death toll given by the Congress Government in 1984 was just 425. It was BJP under the leadership of AB Vajpayee which contested the figures and helped Sikhs during the riots. Even Khushwant Singh praised BJP and its leaders for their role in 1984. Now I hope that BJP is not accused of planning Gujarat riots since 1984 as they have been raising voices against Sikh killings since 1984 😀

    While mentioning the sufferings of “all non Hindu minorities in Hindu majority India ” you conviniently ignore more than 50,000 Kashmiri Pandits who are still living as refugees in their own country, their property now being occupied by their former neighbours and hundreds other were killed in Kashmir. I hope you consider them Indians. And how often do we read about about them in the media ?

    As far as BJP is concerned, all BJP Chief Ministers with the exception of Bhagat Singh Koshyari of Uttaranchal, are OBCs or SCs. Narendra Modi is an OBC too and so is Kalyan Singh who was CM of UP during Ayodhya movement. I dont know the caste of LK Advani and if you know it then please let me know too.

    If conviction in Gujarat is due to NGOs, SC etc then why dont they ensure justice for Sikh victims, Mumbai riots victims, etc. ?

  18. As I said, Hindutva party of BJP has special sympathy for Sikhs. Not with Muslims. Why? Sikhs are considered as follower of “Indian Religion” hence more compatible to ideology of Hindutva espoused by V D Savarkar
    I am not surprised that Vajpayee did all in his capacity to create malicious image of Congress; however he could not save his own party. Internationally Gujarat has been acknowledged as state sponsered terrorism

  19. Kashmiri Pundits? If you assess who died more in Kashmir, it would be Muslims. But coming to Kashmiri Pundit issue; I don’t know what you are hinting at. Kashmir is disputed state; its dispute starts with independence of India.

    Killings of Kashmiri Pundits were not promoted, abetted, sponsered and executed in presence of law enforcement authorities. I hope you are able to distinguish between state sponsored terrorism and cross border terrorism. Moreover Kashmiri Pundits have sympathy in BJP, unlike other non Hindu minority victims of violence

    Or you opine to fact that Government of India and Kashmir’s government ordered Police not to help them like Gujarat police got orders they even asked help seekers to go to Pakistan.

    7 year is not long time that people shall forget that ghastly episode. You waste time by trying to ‘secularize’ image of BJP.

  20. OBC are not in reality Dalits. These are just other upper castes who are given reservation benefits for votebank politics

    Like reservations to Maratha in Maharashtra, I hope you remember Rajasthan clashes over reservations in tenure of Vasundhara Raje 😀 I would advise get in touch with workers of RPI or Dalit parties or Dalit activists to know about what they feel about BJP

    If there is Shahnawaaz Hussain in BJP, doesn’t make BJP a Muslim friendly party 😀

    In fact BJP is always ahead in creating environment hostile to anyone except Hindus (their type of Hindus)

  21. I have already stated reason why Gujarat is under scrutiny than any other state, It is ruled by most fanatic politician that India ever witnessed.

    Narendra Modi not only invites censure from other people but also in his own party. Regarding Mumbai riots, they were unfortunate and state had some complicity in those riots too to some extent

    But NO Chief Minister vilified Muslims, no Chief Minister (of non BJP/non Shiv Sena) justified violence, used violence to gain votes or to use it for propaganda and project it as an act of courage except Modi.

  22. What BJP does it to go to Hindus and convinces them that Muslims are dangerous, their existence is threat to existence to Hinduism/Hindus, they spread malicious information claiming Indian Muslims as ‘mini pakistanis’ , it basically creates a sense of hatred, fear disgust

    Now what is to be done with it? It finds an excuse for creating explosion of riotic violence. Then it’s leaders (Modi like are many in BJP, Modi is just one of them) start delivering divisive rhetorics and communal speeches. Things are made to lose and bloodshed prevail. BJP gained prominence more on such tactics; which have become familiar now. BJP is no longer a ‘new party’.

    This is their way of ’emancipation’ by creating ideologues like Modi; who find courage in fighting against unarmed, hapless minority of his state.. No other national party engage in such behavior, and THATS why it will always remain under scrutiny of not only media in India but also of international organizations like Amnesty International

  23. And yes, Anti Sikh riots are dear to BJP for electoral gains ONLY; but it’s supporters(like Mukta, Shahnawaaz Hussain) wishes anti-Muslim riots to be forgotten (while it is okay to keep harping on historical controversies of medieval ages)

    Moreover Congress did not promote violence against Sikhs (if at all Congress really did) by representing itself as Hindu voice or representative like BJP does.

    Congress and BJP are poles apart. Which one is better and worse is subjective, but for non-Hindus parties lead by Vinay Katiyaar, Narendra Modi and Advaani can not ever be acceptable 🙂 BJP doesn’t have “Indian” Leadership, it has only “Hindu” leadership (or so it claims to be Hindu voice alone). It doesn’t have all acceptable inclusive outlook. BJP has to come out of Sangh Parivaar and confirm its commitment to protection of all Indians and not only Hindus.

  24. @P

    Labelling Gujarat riots as state sponsored does not make it one.

    More people suffered in Kashmir in 1989 than in Gujarat in 2002.

    For refugees languishing in inhuman camps, it makes no difference whether it was state sponsored or cross border.

    The fact is that state has done nothing for them.

    The point is that despite the country being Hindu majority, a large section of Hindus is suffering from a “religious minority”. Anyways this is not the subject of this article and I mentioned Kashmiri Pamdits because you were painting a gloomy picture of all religious minorities in India suffering at the hands of Hindus.

    The entire campaign in 1984 was ran on anti Sikh platform and Rajiv did not even spare her sister in law. The entire Sikh community was vilified. In Gujarat, a large section of educated Mulsims support Modi and BJP.

    I do not intend to “secularize” BJP’s image. Secularists have made the word secular a joke. The last thing that BJP needs is to be “secular” like Congress, SP and Communists.

  25. Gujarat carnage is not state sponsered but Sikh riots are state sponsored 😀 That is why I said, BJP supporters are more hypocrite than pseudo secular media. What can convince you by the way apart from BJP mouthpiece or Organizer?

    If state does nothing for Kashmiri Pundits then what is that army in Kashmir doing? It is there to handle cross border terrorism; is it there any army to deal with Hindutva terrorists in Gujarat? Kashmir is a boundary and international dispute. What did BJP do during NDA rule for KPs?

    You are welcome to term Gujarat Holocaust as international dispute between two nations (Hindu Nation and a Muslim nation, as espoused by father of Hindutva-V D Savarkar), in such a case your comparison of Kashmiri Pundits with victims of Gujarat massacre.

    Inventing “sufferings of Hindu by minority” is a votebank politics of BJP, it is a majoritarian party and attempts to appease majority by appeasing it’s extremists for merely powergains. It has no ethical or moral standing in the face of Babari Mosque demolition and Gujarat massacre

  26. @P – First & Foremost, Let’s not talk about Amnesty International.

    It’s one big LIE afa I am concerned. Wherever were your human rights activists while Rwanda bled? Where are they now while Gaza burns?

    Lets not forget that most western countries and such “humane” organisations pick and choose causes they want to associate with…So while there was a huge hue & cry about the Riots in India…the whole world decided to turn blind and deaf while Rwanda was plundered and bled…

    Infact from a few intelligence reports, it is pretty clear that the US would jus continue to pay lip service to the Ind-Pak issue…32% of the US’ arms industry depends on sale of arms to troubled nations of the world…and Pak 7 India top that list…u still think it would ever want us to stop fighting?
    Anyway, point here is – lets not talk about the great US/amnesty/or other such hogwash blaah blaahh…

    Also, when asked what u have done for your country, the lamest answer one expects is “what has the country done fr me?”..on similar line was ur reply ki BJP ne kya kiya hai Muslims k liye…

    As I said earlier, it is easy to sit and make notes and theorize…u shld rather get down to basics…I am involved with a few NGOs actively involved with education of slum kids, blood donation drives and mid day meals prog…all of this is carried out in major Muslim dominated areas of Mumbai…and the best part is that the group goes about performing its duty…w/o any miniscule thought for the religion of the kids benefiting from the classes…yet, its sad and sometimes irritating that such incidences are never highlighted by the media…

    Also, it would do all Muslims a world of good to sit and think of what they have gained from the Congress leadership in the past many decades…can u claim to be a wealthy community? or the most educated? I don’t think so…Yes, what the Cong has definitely succeeded in doing is…playing the religion card – putting people against each other…If u were to think hard enough…its not BJP that divides..but Cong..who is damn hell bent on coming out w reservations in every sphere of life…from education to work…dividing the country into various religions/sects/communities…Now u call this good and visionary leadership??

    Oh n yeah..the Cong has reallllyyy succeeded in making sure that article 370 continues to exist, kashmiris continue to feel alienated and the country continues to “not know” a vital part of itself…wow…it sure has succeeded !

    I am surprised how the media could miss all of these minor “victories” of the Congress?!

    After all, these are stepping stones to making India what it is today – a country torn by religious strife, poverty, skepticism, lack of faith in each other, hatred, etc etc…

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  28. none of single culprit behind sikh nd muslim progrom is hanged til date but ,wen it comes to kashmir issue ,or kashmiri pandits killings ,indian army has kilked many terrorists,here in kashmir system of law is doing there work by punishing criminals ,but whenwe are talking bout justice for sikhs and muslims progrom ,not a single criminal is punished,just becoz they are hindus, so dont compare these two issues,kashmiri pandits were forced to leave by militants an out law body.but sikh and muslim progrom were designed by governments of dat tym.. mob was organised and mobilised. and my dear let me inform you masbkillings of kp’s and kashmiri sikhs were not dne by mob ,its still mystery. becoz govt. has stoped enquiry commisioms. so same govt’s are sponsoring minority progrom and banned enquiry commissions….. gest is system is anti minority….

  29. seems like this “p” stands for pakistan …no wonder he has so much free time to spend on analyzing Modi.:)..since venturing out of the house in that country is no longer safe..

  30. i salute to the assasins of rajiv gandhi, that son of a bitch died the death he deserved best.
    the tragedy of our nation is we are slaves to power and it has always been like that.
    i feel shocked when i see people praise rajiv gandhi and show sympathy to the bastard.
    sad but true

  31. From 6th centruy to 18th centruy there were more than 100s of million Hindus killed and millions were converted to Islam by Islamic invadors from Turkey, Iraq, Iran (Persia) and Afghanistan/Mongolia/Uzbekistan. Where is an account for that? Where is mention of genocide for that.

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