The False Awakening Of Page 3

As if the terror attacks were not enough, we also had to bear Page 3 celebrities on TV and Newspapers after the attacks who suddenly realised that they too belong to India. This is not the first time that Mumbai or India has witnessed a terror attack but for the first time the elite has broken out of their cocoon.

Mumbai was attacked thirteen times in the last 16 years.  The latest attack on ten different places (nine in South Mumbai and one in Vile Parle) was not the biggest on the city. In 1993, 257 people lost their lives and more than 750 were injured whereas in 2006 around 181 were dead and and 890 injured. However it was the first time that India’s elite faced terror attack. It is ironical that the same movie actors who never had a problem working with Sanjay Dutt, an accused in 1993 blasts, were marching with candles after the recent attacks. Of course the candles were lighted only at the Oberoi and Taj despite the fact that more people lost their lives in the firing at CST station.

Better late than never. But it would have been good if their activism had generated some light instead of just heat. Clueless as to what should be their reaction after the attacks, the first thing that they did was bash politicians. SMSes and mails were forwarded requesting people not to vote &  stop paying taxes. Terrorists were equated to politicians. As if politicians come from a different planet.

The good thing is despite the tremendous air time the idiotic views of these P3P got, it hardly influenced the common people. In the Vidhan Sabha elections of the states that went to polls after the attacks, the polling percentage was higher than last elections. This probably happened because voters rightly feel that they are responsible for the Government that they get. We also saw some good examples of citizen activism when a group of citizens collected 30 lakh rupees to fund 100 Bullet free jackets for Mumbai Police. This group is certainly not just aware of its rights but also its duties.

We will hopefully see many such stories where common people not only exercise their right but also perform their duty towards the country in whatever way they can. Because our responsibility does not end by just voting in elections or paying our taxes.  Voting and paying taxes are necessary but not sufficient aspects of one’s duty towards country.


5 thoughts on “The False Awakening Of Page 3

  1. The P3P or the so called Elite class have woken from the slumber with seething reactions & frothing screams just because Terrorism has attacked their sequined walls & their marbled precincts (ask them if they did anything more than lighting a few candles when the city’s local trains were charred about a couple of years back or for that matter anytime before)

    N even this time, all they have resorted to is holding anti-government morchas and rallies ‘coz the easiest thing to do is pass the buck – blame the Govt. But they often forget that the Govt is no different than us (like Vikas rightly pointed out). We elect one amongst us and empower him…N then keep complaining about the Govt being a failure!

    At this stage, the best thing we can do is PARTNER…..partner with the Govt and partner with each other……
    So anybody who thinks that the current government has not done enough should ‘Go overthrow it’.

    What we need is a political overhaul.
    The chance of bringing the change is just a few months away. Go and Vote. N if you think we can do anything more, then help clean the muck.

    It is time to get the hands dirty….I hope the hallowed class awakens this time for this….

  2. @ All Talk and No Action

    With the current state of affairs, it seems the Government has lost its initial steam and is now in Gandhigiri mode.

    @ Shweta

    We indeed need to get our hands dirty and partner with the establishment by being an active participant in the system.

  3. All this page 3 people who ve got connection with Underworld should be BAN…
    They ve no rights to come on TV and speak about this attack and guide in wrong direction by saying don’t vote..
    But common Indians knows what they ve to do and they ll show that they are awake in this Election…

  4. but i think this much awareness is not enough….
    and let me tell people (especially page 3 ones) are now awake because even they feel the danger of terror attacks which was not the case preiviously. But better late than never. Its a good start, but we need to do more, there should be some group activities where pl should be trained to fight against terrors, they must conduct various public awareness activities fro common people about feelin for the country(and dont get flattered just by some money at cost of the nation)….
    Actually i have lots of feelings on this but this space is less to express

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