Palin’s faith and our fate…

Sarah Palin could become the second most powerful person in the world this November. As soon as she was declared the Vice Presidential candidate by the Republican Party, there has been an onslaught of negative press against her i.e. her alleged extra marital affair, her picture in a Bikini, speculation that her youngest daughter is actually her daughter’s daughter who is not yet married (Yeah, this is indeed negative for a person whose target vote bank is conservative). All these news are from her personal life and I believe voters should not care about thir leaders personal lives as long as it is not affecting their work.

However, there is one aspect of her personal life which can affect us all. Palin was a member of Wasilla Assembly of God Church, for more than two decades since her teenage. The church, according to Wall Street Journal, believes that we are living in the end times and this was confirmed in 1948, with the founding of the state of Israel and thus conforming a Biblical prophecy of Jews returning to the Holy Land. Now can we rerally trust Palin with the Nuclear button if she has such beliefs ?

Reverend Ed Kalnins, pastor of the Wasilla Assembly of God church, told members that God put George Bush in office and that US is fighting a “holy war” in Iraq. We could have ignored Ed Kalnins belief if he would have been some Jihadi sitting in a cave in Afghanistan but he is pastor of the church which was attended by Sarah Palin for more than two decades and she still visits the church for meetings and conferences. Her only son is in Iraq for his military service or if Palin’s pastor is to be believed, a religious service. If Sarah becomes Vice President, how would she decide the future course of action ? Would it be aimed at finding a solution to the crisis or winning the “holy war” at any cost ?

Sarah Palin would have to clarify her stand considering the facrt that her faith has now become a big issue. Lets hope that Sarah no longer believes in her former church or if she does, the US voters keep this in mind when they vote in November because the results will affect not just US but the entire world.


3 thoughts on “Palin’s faith and our fate…

  1. I think the Obama wave is too strong for McCain to tackle. And if he has chosen a running mate with these credentials, Obama’s clarion call for change will resonate with many more Americans.

  2. Interesting Observation…

    One’s religion and personal faith is a private matter I believe.

    However, in times of fragile emotions, fanatic intentions and fundamentalism, it should be imperative for people who hold important offices to clear their stand.

    Also, irrespective of the above, I do NOT expect the American Public to make informed decision 😉

  3. After having Mr. Bush as a President to the most powerful country in the present world for two terms, I don’t fear anyone else. Of course I don’t have any hope of a fair and environment-oriented government on the part of US, and I doubt if Mr. Mubarak Obama will not be much more favourable to the Islamic movement than I’d like to see, locally and globally, in case he is created the next president of the United States of America. This would be the real setback…:(

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