Veggies Only Please…

Mumbai is a cosmopolitian city. People of different regions, race, religion live here and this is what truly makes it the melting pot of India. However since the last few years, formation of vegetarian housing societies has increased. These Housing Societies are exclusively for vegetarians and meat eaters are strictly not allowed.

The Veggies claim that they are sensitive to the mere sight of meat and bones. And it is not just the sight but also the smell which is unbearable for them and this has forced them to exclude meat eaters.

The meat eaters are obiviously not amused and want an end to this system of Veggie Housing Societies as this reduces the number of options to them when they go house hunting.

The veggies claim that since they have the constitutional right to do so, there is nothing wrong with such exclusive housing societies.

I believe that Veggies have a valid point. If they are so sensitive towards animals then they do have a right to live with like minded people and avoid the sight and smell of meat.

 What do you think ?

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14 thoughts on “Veggies Only Please…

  1. Being a veggie myself..I can completely agree with the obnoxious smells of non-vegetarian food…its an absolute assault to the senses…!
    And yes…its a free country…no harm in forming veggie housing societies…But then sometimes, such liberalities can be taken too far in a country like ours…
    A society for a particular caste/sect/alumnus of a particular institute/professionals of a particular company/society for dog lovers/etc…
    Spiralling Real Estate costs are enough to scare wannabe buyers…I think we can do away with such “Elitist” socities…

  2. @Mukta
    Even I am against formation of societies based on religion, caste or sect as this will only give rise to ghettoisation which will not be good for the secular fabric of the country in the long run.

    However veggies housing societies fall in a different category as vegetarianism is not confined to any one religion, caste or sect.

    Such societies actually can help promoting vegetarianism.

  3. I do agree agree wit the only veggie society, cause in India being vegetarian is more to do with religion than just personal preferences
    but the problems happens wen they close other non veg shops in the area….this has been done by jains in malabar hill cuffe parade in Mumbai

    This is Mafia style of operations which disturbs the democratic will of citizens

  4. Its not a question of sections being made, but its in the basic nature of human wherein like-minded people or people sharing something in common form stronger bonds than other, the common factor could be culture, food habits, past time activities or anything that comes to mind.

    Well, this argument applies to veggie factor as well, there are veggies who share the dining table with non-veggies whereas there are some who cant see/bear presence of meat around them.

    Bottomline – Sections exists in each walk of life, in one form or the other.

  5. Hi,

    While i agree something has to be for the welfare of animals we need to keep one issue in mind. Roti Kapda Makaan are essential for survival now not allowing a right to own a house on religion lines ( Many of these housing socities do this so they have people from one religion living in a building. Eg Indias tallest building Shreepati Arcade at Nana Chowk where even Sachin Tendulkar was denied a flat). Why not charge a person who consumes non-veg with extra society charges which might be as high as 100% more than normal ones. Why didvide the country when u can simply charge the so called defaulters more.
    The comments are from a vegetarian since birth

  6. I see where you are coming from but my here’s my thinking…

    If someone is from a veggie family but eats non-veg, that family would not ask that person to stay away from the family or enter the house, would they? So if you can be so tolerant with your own people why cant you be the same with others?
    It would be really sad to know that one cant stay with other family members just because of being a non-veggie. I believe, it’s taking things to the extreme.

    Eating non-veg might be right or wrong but, in the end, it’s a personal choice and perhaps you should learn to respect that.

  7. @ Ankit
    Charging extra to a non veggie who wants to buy a house in a vegetarian society would not make the veggies more comfortable. Remember, they cannot bear the sight and smell of flesh and extra money just cant solve this problem.

    You cannot choose your family but you can choose your friends (or in this case neighbours). My family is a mix of vegies and non veggies and some of my best friends are non-vegetarians and we respect each others personal choice (ofcourse I would be more happy if they turn to vegetarianism). But since I can choose my neighbours so in future ideally I would like to live in a vegetarian neighbourhood. I may or may not be able to do so but people who have formed such vegetarian societies are only exercising their personal choices and so there is nothing wrong with that.

  8. Vikas,

    I agree that you can choose anybody as your friends or neighbours etc but it would be really strange if people started making friends/neighbours based on people being non-veggie or veggie..It’s only a small part of one’s personality and one that could probably be dealt with in much simpler ways..
    For eg, I might be religious but if someone is not, at least I dont think, he’s totally wrong or I have the rights to criticise him..It’s his personal decision and I would still think both of us can still exist happily in the same room / place / colony.

    If you agree that choosing neighbours and friends and being with like-minded people is ok, then you can’t criticise people for coming up with these Kutch Societies or Jain Societies etc…All they are doing is again choosing to live with “like-minded” people who have similar habits…
    You probably believe in vegetarianism and hence think formation of a veggie society is probably right but you do not support caste/sect based colonies..Now who decides who is right or what the limits are?

    Also if you extend this logic a bit more, from a colony to a city, then this is what Mr Raj Thackeray is advocating too isnt it??All he wants is have only “like-minded” people (in this case : Marathi speaking) in Mumbai…
    btw, I am neither a Raj Thackeray supporter nor do I support any of his ideas….But from a totally neutral perspective I do find similarities in both these cases…

    I totally agree with respecting each other personal choices but my point is only about being tolerant to other people..
    As it is there many many ways using which people are why add one more?

    Finally I am not against formation of any such colonies but it would surely help if people become more tolerant about each other rather than forming such groups…That would make the world a much better and happier place to live in..

  9. Kutch societies and veggie societies could not be put in the same basket. A person born in UP cannot become a Kutchi, even if he wants to.

    There is a difference between discrimination based on factors on which you have very little or no control like race, religion, caste, sex and something which is under your control like your habbits.

    For example, smokers argue that anti smoking laws are discriminatory when it is not and while segregating smokers, non-smokers only have their health in mind.

  10. Well there is this sayng “For those who do not have problems they love to create some”

    Whats in wid veggies & non-veggies!! its stupid that people make assumptions about others whn the knw that they act of react in a particular manner…oh my God..Fish i jst cant stand its smell..Ohhh my Goodd the sight of meant gives me Eeeks!!

    I mean does ani one bothers to go behind d logic of a vegetarian & non-vegitarian…i myself m a vegitarian & have faced situations in school where coz m punjabi d first question i was asked was “dude u might be a non-veg!!! bt thn i had to ally der fears tht dnt wry m a punjabi vegetarian”..

    Making societies..telling ur children tht dnt be wid sm one who is non-veg…etc etc shows our mentality tht irrespective of d fact tht we say we are living in 21st century we still act as nomads…and for those who give the pretex of religion are biggest hypocrites…ask them d logic whn u meet them next…chances are they will not be able to tell you…the only thing they will say is..its a sin to be a non-veg!!

    The funda is simple we need to be accomodating…thats what india is all about thats what our culture is all about we have embrace not only different religions, but also cultures and wid them comes their cusines…

    Rest to be a veg or not its on a persons discretion…but to be frank its alwayz better to be a veg…nt b’coz m one bt b’coz its smthng to do wid what ur ment 2do in ya life… (dnt be confused whn time comes we can dewell on the same)

    (P.S: Love thy neighbour to be loved back..hehe tc bro!!)

  11. I dont agree to this. Every one has a equal right to stay in any part of the country and be part of any society if they can afford and eating meat or not eating is not a validating criteria for the same.

    If this step is taken to protect animals, than it is not actual step to protect animals. Becoz animals are not saved by this step only, religion satisfaction is achieved.

    If somebody really wants to save animals, than protect stray dogs, give animals proper food and medical fascilties who fall pray to disease.

  12. We definitely cannot please everyone. Even incarnations of Gods (if we believe in them) could also not satisfy everyone. How can we?

    It should be left to the person or the group to decide whom s/he/they want to be friend with.

    Why such a furore?

    Give me a break. Personally speaking, I do not find anything wrong with it. Birds of same feather do flock together.

    Let them be free as they want to.

  13. I am a veggie, but i think this is not so wise idea, wt i feel is that they r scared tat if the link with non-vegs, they wil also bcome one like them. It sounds like a childish idea, i cant blive hw ppl can isolate a particular section of ppl on this basis. Well india is famous for its discriminations…….. on wtever basis it may b..
    wel i guess i can add one more in2 it nw……..

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