Custodian of Culture?

Raj Thackeray, as we all know is upset about the current situation of Marathi language in Maharashtra. He wants all the people living in Mumbai to speak in Marathi. Nothing much wrong with this attitude. But before preaching others, I think Raj should himself speak in a decent version of Marathi. This video that I came across on Youtube tells a lot about his not so very good oration in his mother tongue. For those who do not understand Marathi, this is what he said in that video :  I am ignoring the incidents of past but from now onwards I will break the hands and feet of anyone who touches my party workers and that because I am “being calm” doesn’t mean that I am son of an a***hole.

     Again, I would say that if Raj is seriously worried about Marathi language, he should start speaking in a decent version of that language which I believe should not be difficult for him.


13 thoughts on “Custodian of Culture?

  1. In Mumbai the problem is not the amount of people but shortage of quality Infrastructure. Satellite towns like Navi Mumbai have failed to realize the purpose it was meant for. This is a politics of regionalism practised since 1960’s in Maharashtra

  2. If u consider urself maharashtrian then that feeling of learning marathi and to talk in marathi and to take pride about marathi should come from within…
    If u consider that u belongs to this place…
    Raj should not be the reason to teach u…
    and what he talks should not be issue…as those words are part of the language itself…we should not give this kind of politician chance to teach us…
    we should be responsible enough to behave like that…

  3. People, who do not have much knowledge about Marathi, can end up having a wrong impression about the language if Raj Thackeray, who is so proud of Marathi, speaks in this fashion.

    And what Raj says is an issue because he is the one who has started this debate and he is a role model, who espouses Marathi pride, for lot of people.

  4. bad words r part of each language…it ll create bad impression for that particular person and not for that language…I feel everyone who consider that he belongs to Maharashtra should take pride in Marathi…

  5. all said and done………
    how many people in india speak or use their own language so perfectly?
    I believe that we should allow people speak their own version of languages…
    If we say that we are in a democracy then prove it to world…..
    and anyway who says that those who speak in english or any other language for that matter dont have pride for their own language…..I am maharashtrian and I am proud of it……Language is a gift to mankind……ask those poeple who dont have this ability to read or listen!!!!……maybe people who raise such issues first visit or donate their time to people with such disabilities……Then they will understand what do they mean by language!!!

  6. “Raj Thakarey wants all the people living in Mumbai to speak in Marathi”, No doubt it is one of the several ways to amuse ATLEAST Maharashtrian population. This is what Thakarey and Co. are doing since 1966. Anyways that is another issue and i hope someday the frog will come out of the well to think at a global level or at a national level atleast.

    I really appreciate that Taj Thakrey wants to promote Marathi language in Mumbai but if it is a compulsion then there is a huge problem. I live in Mumbai but i am proud of all 22 official languages that are spoken in our country and respect them but that doesn’t mean that i should learn to speak all of them whenever i relocate to the respective regions. Following his logic, we have to learn Bengali if relocating to West Bengal(Buddhadeb bhattacharya demands), Gujraati for Gujraat( Narendra Modi demands)..etc etc…I agree with sandeep that we should be allowed to express in our own version of language as long as it is understandable and completes the conversation successfully.

    Suggestion to Raj Thakhrey : If you want to promote, please try your hands for “Hindi Language”,our national language which is spoken by just 41% of the entire population of India

    @yuvraj: “bad words” are not at all part of any language, it is people who make some part of a langauge “bad”

    …..sorry the ‘comment’ is longer than the ‘blog’…. 🙂

  7. @ Arvind
    Thanks for your valuable comments. You do not have to be sorry for it as you have not broken any rule :). I agree with most of what you said.

    It is not about speaking a language perfectly but about using decent words while speaking publicly.

    People who do not speak Marathi or understand it probably may not be proud of the language even if they live in Maharashtra.

  8. i agree with u…but what i say is that…people who live in Maharashtra they should take pride in marathi…not because Raj says but it should come from within…as they r part of this land…it is not related to Raj or ur Blog…but it is my view…

  9. I am happy that Mr Raj Thackeray is the face of the party which is still struggling to make its presence felt at state level and has got no takers of its ideas at national level. I shudder with the very thought that if he would had used this kind of foul language at some arena noticed by international community then this would have brought an great deal of embarrasment to all of us.
    I agree with Yuvraj that every Language which is being spoken on the earth has foul words inherent in it, however nobody should justify the usage of profanity especially when mass is listening to you.
    The entire idea of language comes out of the need of expressing oneself, understanding each other’s ideas. However as there are so many spoken languages in our country, it becomes very difficult sometimes for a person to express himself. This is why the idea of a common binding national language pops up. But sadly as pointed out by Aravind that national Language is being spoken by only 41% of population. If our National language has met this fate then there should not be much hue and cry about regional languages.
    I still find solace in the very thought that the entire ideology of Marathi manoos being brought up by Raj Thackeray has not got much takers yet, and is limited to a faction. However as it goes our “Bholi Janta” may start taking this school of thought seriously and this very thought shudders me.

  10. I think language is a way of expression. Monitoring and forcing someone to speak a certain language is not acceptable. Things like culture, like for languages should come from within. One cannot be forced to speak a certain language just because someone wants him to! People learn new languages when they go to new cities because it helps them for survival. Indian masses, especially in remote villages, do not understand other languages except their mother tongue. But in a cosmopolitan like mumbai, every culture and language resides. People who call them leaders should help in growth of such a harmonious cosmopolitan instead of inciting fights in the name of language. Beating up people, assualting and abusing others is in no way proving that “marathi” is a better language or “maharashtrians” are better!

  11. @Pranay
    bro its “ARVIND” not “ARAVIND”….nice comment!!

    maa’m you can also bring something on the table(all talk and no action)…lol 🙂

  12. I dont think so marathi speaking should be made a issue. It seems Raj thakrey doesnt have much work. He should be worried about making maharashtra a better place to live in where all towns small and big should be well developed, just creating issues out of nothing really makes no sense, better do some work than we will respect everybody marathi as well as non marathi…..

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