Is Tata’s Model T, a recipe for disaster?

Tata’s One lakh car, Nano was launched today. This is supposed to be Model T of India and fulfill the aspirations of the masses to own a car just as Ford’s Model T did in the US in 1908. But this is 2008 and this yet to hit the roads car is already giving nightmares to motorists in  metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore. Today when oil prices are rising daily, a one lakh car is the last thing that we need. According to some estimates, we will have to shell out Rs 164 crore  annually to subsidise the fuel bills of this car. This is a subsidy that we  can definitely do without. The environmental costs have not been factored yet but there is no doubt that it is going to increase pollution in a big way.    

 This car may end up doing more harm than good but then it also has the potential to challenge us to think out of the box and find a solution to many of our problems. I have a feeling that this car will trigger a lot of debate about various problems that we are facing and could give way to many solutions. More on that in my next post.


6 thoughts on “Is Tata’s Model T, a recipe for disaster?

  1. Cse Sunita Narian recently said that it will be fuel efficient buses and not cars which are the solution to Indias traffic problems. With metropolitan cities getting crowded by the day its high time we look to improve mass transit systems than hail innovation in car design and scm as the future of India. It can be of India corporate not India social

  2. nice post…i think we should wait 4 the car to come out..before writing it off…
    It would be nice to see the aam aadmi finally taking his family out in this car…

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